School Programs 2018 : February 5 to March 16

Program A: Recommended for Pre-K to Grade 1

Creatures Great And Small

In this collection of 11 animated films from around the world, we meet all kinds of friends, big and small, learning that size is just a matter of perspective.

Themes: friendship, cooperation, imagination, different perspectives

Total Duration: 46 minutes


Program B: Recommended for Grades 1 to 5

Down With Bullies!  

This collection features 9 empowering films from 7 different countries. Skillful 

storytelling portrays how unique characters find a way to stand up to their bullies and overcome differences. 

Themes: bullying, peer acceptance, friendship, community bonding

Total Duration: 57 minutes


Program C: Recommended for Grades 5 to 10

Welcome To My Life

Curated for our most mature age-group, this compilation of 6 inspiring films encourages pre-teens and teenagers to reflect on issues of self-identity, authority

and social justice. This collection includes the 2017 Oscar-winning film, Sing!

Themes: diversity, self-identity, social justice

Total Duration: 68 minutes