Recommended for Ages 7 to 12

The characters in this compilation of imaginative films get caught up in more excitement than they bargained for! Catch 10 vibrant films from 9 countries, including the award-winning South Korean film, Saturday's ApartmentClick on the images for more details.

Total Duration: 65 minutes

In The Woods
France I Salomé Bertonlone Lopez, Maxime Darts, Marjorie Grinda

A cow discovers a world beyond her farm but learns that freedom comes with danger.
Saturday's Apartment
South Korea I Seungbae Jeon

The residents in an overcrowded apartment building try to get along but things spiral out of control.
No. 28
France I Oralia Caussé, Fabien Meyran, Geoffroy Collin

For two tourists and a baby, a cable car ride turns into a wild escapade.
Work Out
UK I Joe Wood

A humorous look at what goes on in a gym.
Russia I Alexei Pochivalov

A chess game turns into an exciting battlefield.
Hugo & Holger
Estonia I Sergei Kibus

A shortsighted man adopts an elephant, thinking it's a dog.
The Girl At The End Of The Garden
Ireland I Bonnie Dempsey

A girl finds a new friend who has magical powers!
Breaking Ground
USA I Tara Norton, Ellie Morlino, Alex Shaulis

A paleontologist's assistant makes an amazing discovery.
Small Spark
France I Nicolas Bianco-Levrin, Julie Rembauville

A book-loving rat goes on a dangerous mission to find matches.
Germany I Lilith Jörg

A youth-made stop-motion film about a cello player who has stage fright.
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