Recommended for Ages 2 to 6
Sun, 3 Nov 10.30am 
National Gallery Singapore (Auditorium on level BM)

The characters in these delightful films go on journeys to learn something about the world and themselves. Travel the world with a mindful walrus, follow a chick on his first adventure and join an important bicycle race! Click on the images for details.

Total Duration: 47 minutes

A Chick's Adventure
Italy I Lori Bruyere, Christoph Brehme France

A little chick gets separated from her mom and siblings and has her own adventure.
The Last day of Autumn
Switzerland, Belgium, France I Marjolaine Perreten

The forest animals are gearing up for a very important race!
Patchwork Pals: Penguin
Germany I Angela Steffen

Penguin gets a little help from his pals.
USA I Emily Brundige

Goldie towers over everything but learns that fitting in is not just about being the right size.
The Yogi Walrus
UK I Marohnda Bay

A walrus goes on a journey of discovery.
Cat Lake City
Germany I Ante Heyn

Where does a cat go on vacation? Cat Lake City, of course!
UK I Joe Wood

A funny, rhythmic film depicting the activities in a gym.
Koyaa: Elusive Paper
Slovenia I Kolja Saksida

Koyaa is challenged by a slip of paper that seems to have a mind of its own!
Athleticus: Synchronized Trampoline
France I Nicolas Deveaux

Two hippos show off their athletic skills on a trampoline!
The Witch & The Baby
Russia I Evgenia Golubeva

A witch captures a baby for a special spell but gets more than she bargained for!
Polar Opposites
UK I Diana Wey

Polar bears and penguins live on opposite sides of the earth. What happens if they meet?
The Typewriter
Netherlands I Evelyne du Bois

A musical celebration of the lost art of typing.
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