Recommended for Ages 2 to 6
Sun, 3 Nov 10.30am 
National Gallery Singapore (Auditorium on level BM)

Come and explore the world with curious critters and comical cavemen! This collection of 11 short films follows inquisitive characters who explore nature, make exciting discoveries and find new friends. Curated for our youngest audience and all who love great stories and animation. 

46 minutes

Patchwork Pals: Spider
Germany I Angela Steffen
The Last day of Autumn
Switzerland / Belgium / France I Marjolaine Perreten
Raccoon & The Light
USA I Hanna Kim
France I Illogic
Sticks & Stones
USA I Anna Conde, Mark Lim, Andrea Walker
Partridge In A Bear Tree
USA I Adam Bailey
Om Nom Nom
Japan I Ueno Haruna, Taiga Tomoko, Matsuda Minato
Tobi & The Turbo Bus
Germany I Verena Fels
Good Heart
Russia I Evgeniya Jirkova
Koyaa: Slippery Soap
Slovenia I Kolja Saksida
Rainbow Walks: The First Trail
USA I Alexandra Searls
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