New, New World

Recommended for Ages 5 to 12
Tue, 29 May  I  Sat, 2 June  I  Sun, 10 June

Fun animated shorts contrast a new, high-tech world with a simpler past. Also features the beautiful stop-motion film, Two Trams, about the caring relationship between an older and younger tram through the passage of time.  

                                                                                  Total Duration: 55 min

Grizzly And The Lemmings
France I Directed by Victor Moulin
Two Trams
Russia I Directed by Svetlana Andrianova
Sunny & Gerd - Spring Cleaning
Canada I Directed by Dacosta Bayley
Spotty Wants To Fly
Taiwan I Directed by Guo Jun Ming
The Pocket Man
France, Switzerland, Georgia I Ana Chubinidze
Dust Buddies
USA I Beth Tomashek & Sam Wade
A Priori
Germany I Directed by Maite Schmitt
Opiuo - Quack Fat
Australia I Dropbear aka. Johnathan Chong
Russia I Directed by Denis Voronin
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