A special compilation showcasing compelling stories about girls, but absolutely not just for girls. In the Oscar-nominated One Small Step, a young Asian American girl dreams of becoming an astronaut. Also Oscar-nominated for Best Animated Short, Late Afternoon is a deeply moving film about an elderly woman's connection to her past. Another award-winning film, A Field Guide To 12-Year-Old Girls, offers a unique perspective of 12 year-old girls by the girls themselves. Click on any title for more information. 

                                                                                                    Total Duration: 80 min

Game Changer
USA I Directed by Aviv Mano

A macho character realises he is too quick to judge a girl in a game arcade.
One Small Step
USA/China I Andrew Chesworth & Bobby Pontillas

A young Chinese American girl chases her dream of becoming an astronaut. Her father supports her by running a shoe repair business from their garage. 2019 Oscar Nominee for Best Animated Short Film.
Late Afternoon
Ireland I Directed by Louise Bagnall

Emily is an elderly woman who journeys into her past, searching for a connection to the present moment. This moving film was nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Short.
A Field Guide To Being A 12-Year-Old
Australia I Directed by Tilda Cobham-Hervey

This is a film made by and for 12-year-old girls about they hope for, what they remember, and what it feels like to be twelve.
South Korea I Directed by Seul-Ki

A child actor is having trouble with her auditions because she cannot cry.
Israel I Directed by Odeya Rosenak

15-year-old Noga has been given the honour of lighting a torch for her father on Memorial Day. Her mother helps to write her speech, but she digs deep to find her own voice.
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