Recommended for Ages 11 to 16 

An important collection that represents the perspective of young female protagonists. Includes the Oscar-nominated short, The Coin, about a Chinese girl who reflects on her connection with food. These excellent films are for everyone and not just girls! Click on the images for more details. 

Total Duration: 62 minutes

My Time
UK I Giulia Gandini

An important milestone presents a challenge when it happens at the most inconvenient time.
The Coin
China, USA I Siqi Song

In this Oscar-nominated film, a girl reflects on her connection to food and tradition.
Shoes Of A Little Girl
Nepal I Kedar Shrestha

A charming film about a 5-year-old who has trouble putting on her shoes.
Paper Kite
Qatar I Sahar ElKabbash

Within a strict school environment, two girls find a way to express their need for freedom.
Gelato - Seven Summers Of Ice Cream Love
Germany I Daniela Opp

A sweet love story goes back to a summer 60 years ago.
Hedgehog's Dilemma
Switzerland I Francesca Scalisi

A look at the changing relationship between a father and daughter as the girl grows into womanhood.
Mi Abuelita
Guatemala I Andrea Giselle Pérez

An award-winning short about a girl's bond with her grandmother.
The Typewriter
Netherlands I Evelyne du Bois

A fun celebration of the lost art of typing.
France I Francois Narboux

A film about the courage to be oneself.
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