Give & Take

Recommended for Ages 9 & Up
Sat, 8 June 3.30pm  I  Sun, 16 June 3.30pm  

This collection looks at relationships within families, even across time and space. 

In the Oscar-nominated One Small Step, an Asian American girl chases her dream with her father's support. In the Japanese-language film, Cat Days, a father and son are shaken by a harmless but surprising medical diagnosis. In acclaimed director Alain Gagnol's The Cat's Regret, a boy's mother sends him for a life-changing talk with a mysterious uncle. Click on any title for more information.

                                                                                                   Total Duration: 65 min

Cat Days
Germany I Directed by Jon Frickey

Jiro feels sick and his father takes him to the doctor. The diagnosis is a harmless condition, but it shakes his identity to the core.
One Small Step
USA/China I Andrew Chesworth & Bobby Pontillas

A young Chinese American girl chases her dream of becoming an astronaut with the support of her father who runs a humble shoe repair business. 2019 Oscar Nominee for Best Animated Short Film.
The Wishing Cranes
USA I Ellen Arnold, Kaiya Telle & Thiomas Anderholm

Wanting to spend more time with her brother, an orphan girl folds paper cranes and makes a wish.
Giant Sweet & Chocolate Marshmallow
Germany I Directed by Meike Fehre

This is a story about two childhoods - one in East Germany and one in West Germany.
The Cat's Regret
France I Alain Gagnol & Jean-Loup Felicioli

As a punishment, a boy who bullies his little brother is forced to spend an afternoon with an intimidating uncle. The boy learns a life lesson when he uncovers the old man's terrible secret.
The Give And Take
Canada I Directed by Anna Hopkins

When 11-year-old Amy dials a phone number in an old magazine, she gets connected to a video game call centre in the year 1989.
USA I Directed by Sara Litzenberger

Like everyone else, Sasquatch just wants a good photo of himself!
Bog Hole
Norway I Directed by Torfinn Iversen

Two girls are forced to confront their troubled relationship when they get stuck in a bog hole.
Germany I Directed by Nora Marie Back

A hungry fly has unexpected company.
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