Breaking Through

Recommended for Ages 7 & Up

Watch how these spunky heroes rise to the occasion! Whether to save a friend,

get back at a foe, or tackle an impossible problem, they will risk everything for a breakthrough. Don't miss this hugely entertaining and inspiring collection. 

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                                                                                               Total Duration: 60 min

Avocado Man
United Kingdom I Directed by Jérémy Cissé

A lonely avocado travels the world to find his other half.
Lost & Found
Australia I Andrew Goldsmith & Bradley Slabe

A knitted dinosaur must completely unravel itself to save the love of its life.
We Found A Hat
USA I Paul Gagne & Melissa Ellard

Two friends find a hat, forcing them to choose between their friendship and the hat.
Germany I Eddy Hohf, Patrik Knittel, Fynn Große-Bley

An ambitious owl physicist is determined to solve a tough equation, but his work is disrupted when a woodpecker moves into the neighbourhood.
A Modest Defeat
United Kingdom I David Barr

Big brother Tommy never plays fair, but eight-year-old Tiny has an elaborate plan up her sleeve to put things right.
Post No Bills
Canada I Robin Hays & Andy Poon

Noodle Boy must face his fears to rescue his best friend, Miss Fortune, from the city's clean up crew.
The Pinata King
Mexico I Chris Lee & Paul Storrie

On the outskirts of Mexico City, a family has been making piñatas for more than 50 years.
The Golden Tortoise
France/Belgium I Celia Tisserant & Celia Tocco

A fisherman's life changes forever when he finds a tortoise with a golden shell that grants him his wishes. An engaging spin on a traditional tale about greed.
Paper Beast
USA I Directed by Daniel Klein

A young boy escapes his harsh life by going into his own imagination.
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