Leaps & Bounds

Recommended for Ages 2 to 7
Sat, 1 June 10.15am  I  Sat, 8 June, 2.15pm I  Sun, 9 June 10.15am I  Sun, 16 June 10.15am

Playing, learning and growing are important tasks for little ones. Sometimes, they take it too seriously, and at other times, they just want to take a nap! These

wonderfully creative films will delight the youngest audience and charm adults too. Click any title for more information. 

 45 minutes

Switzerland I Directed by Nils Hedinger

A tadpole somehow misses out on becoming a frog and is left behind. But there is much to discover in the pond, and spring is sure to come again next year. A little story about growing up.
Germany I Directed by Julia Ocker

Three frogs fight over a tasty fly, but he proves too clever for them.
Germany I Directed by Julia Ocker

Sloth wants some ice cream, but can he stay awake long enough to eat it?
Game Changer
USA I Directed by Aviv Mano

A macho toy tries to prevent a little girl from taking him home.
I Want To Live In The Zoo
Russia I Directed by Evgenia Golubeva

Sasha's parents expect her to tidy up her room, eat porridge, and do homework. Sasha decides that life in the zoo would be much more interesting!
United Kingdom I Directed by Varian Qua

Two sisters discover a source of superhero powers from an old comic book collection.
The Hole
Mexico I Directed by Maribel Suárez

A little girl finds a hole and gives it her love and attention. One day, her efforts are rewarded in a wonderful way.
Big Block Singsong "Duck"
Canada I Warren Brown & Adam Goddard

It's a quack attack! You better stand back!
The New Neighbors: Making Smiles
USA I Directed by Greg Walter

Monni teaches Flurggg how to have fun by cheering up friends in need.
Night Moves
Germany I Directed by Falk Schuster

Deep in the night when everyone is fast asleep, funny shapes and jolly beasts rumble though the bedroom. There is so much to discover!
Germany I Directed by Nora Marie Back

A hungry fly has unexpected company.
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